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Chiropractors in Columbus GA

A chiropractor is a health care professional who focuses on neuromuscular disorders.Treatment is usually given by manual adjustment or alignment of the spine.

Chiropractors also teach their patients how they can account for their own health via exercise, ergonomics and other therapies. The primary goal is to treat back pain.

Chiropractors believe that misalignment of the spine can affect the nervous system, and that restoring the structural integrity of the spine can improve health by reducing the pressure on sensitive neurological tissue. A three-joint system of the spinal cord is taken past the normal range of movement during the treatment, taking care not to dislocate or damage it.

In addition to obtaining a case history and family history, chiropractors use perform their diagnosis in a methodical manner. Static and motion palpation techniques determine spinal segments that show restricted movement. Further tests such as X-ray may also be used.

Exercises to strengthen the lower back are often crucial in chiropractic therapy. It must be noted that patients with heart conditions and other medical concerns are advised to do their chiropractic treatment after consulting their doctor.

Heat, cold, massage and light may also be used in chiropractic treatment besides adjustment. Heat and cold are used alternatively using heating pads and ice. This promotes blood flow and results in faster healing. Massaging also promotes blood flow, and alleviates swelling and inflammation. Dietary management and diet supplements may also be advised to follow up the treatment.

Some chiropractors even oppose vaccination and water fluoridation. However, there is significant disagreement within the community itself regarding practices such as these.

Colombus is a happy little city in Georgia which is a pleasurable visit indeed. It has a food scene to die for, with great local bands and finely brewed beer. What more does a person need to live the life!

Colombus also offers a unique local history, and its market days every Saturday morning are certainly a sight to see.

About Columbus Ga

There are umpteen places to visit in Colombus, and the locals promise none of those would turn out to be a letdown.

The Liberty Theatre in Colombus was built in 1924, and was opened in 1925. Many popular plays and shows were staged here, and it also doubled as a motion picture theatre.

Many a romantic ballad has been written about the RiverWalk that runs along the banks of the Chattahoochee River. It is a 15-mile park that has witnessed the history of Columbus and the Chattahoochee. It was the Indians’ biggest trading post, and was greatly talked about by the Spanish explorers.

The Coca Cola Space Science Center is another big attraction. Groups of twenty to thirty people can live a simulated space mission here.

The Colombus botanical garden is a 22-acre sea of green at the very heart of the city.It is a great venue for photography, community learning, seminars, and other such events.

Many such colorful and vibrant places fill the city of Colombus, and a welcoming city such as this one is a rare find. So hop on a plane and head to Colombus!

Chiropractors and What They Do

What does a chiropractor do?

A chiropractor is a holistic health specialist who focuses on the body’s muscular – skeletal system. Your chiropractor works with the body’s natural ability to heal, focusing on the manual manipulation of body alignment in order to work towards health. When you go to the chiropractor, you will be asked to give your medical history, and to describe the problems that you are having, so that the chiropractor is able to understand why you are looking for treatment, and understand the difficulties you are facing.

Why would you go to a chiropractor?

Although chiropractors have often been associated with neck, shoulder and back pain, they are also able to treat pregnancy pain, where the pelvis is pushed out of balance by the growing fetus. Chiropractors are particularly helpful to pregnant women, because they do not administer drugs which could affect the fetus. Chiropractors can be consulted for digestive pain, as the nerves in the chest and abdomen are linked to the digestive process. Headaches, which are linked to tension within the neck or back can be treated by a chiropractor. Lastly, people with high blood pressure might benefit from consulting a chiropractor, as studies at the University of Chicago have shown that treating misaligned vertebra in the neck helped to reduce high blood pressure after treatment by a chiropractor.

What happens when you go to the chiropractor?

When the chiropractor understands your health history, you will then be given an examination, where you work through a series of neurological, orthopedic and postural tests. The chiropractor will then run a series of spinal scans. These scans help to explore any damage to your nervous system, and help the chiropractor to put together a treatment plan.

When your chiropractor has the results of your scans, you will be able to make a consultation or appointment, where these results will be shared with you. Your chiropractor will then determine what action of treatment you would like to follow. Some people, for example, are interested in reducing pain levels, whereas others would like to work towards the overall health of the nervous system. Understanding your treatment goals helps your chiropractor to plan a treatment process.

What will my treatment be?

Treatment may include spinal manipulation procedures, nutrition, exercises or even referral if this is most appropriate. When looking at a treatment process, your chiropractor will focus on your health. Should you choose to go through with a series of spinal adjustments, your chiropractor will monitor how these adjustments are working for you, how your body is responding, and how to move on towards further treatments. Treatments take place over a period of time, and your chiropractor will explain the process of treatment to you.

Columbus GA

In Columbus, Georgia, you can take part in ‘the river walk’, where you can spend time along the Chattahoochee River. This walk gives you a beautiful view of the rapids. There are benches if you’d like to have a rest, have a quick bite to eat, or enjoy the view. You can choose to take a zip line across the river, or stop in at the Infantry Museum. You could also attend the Coca Cola Space and Science Museum. If walking is not for you, you can choose to cycle along the river, or alternately, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could enjoy rafting over the rapids. Whatever your choice, do take part.